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Enjoy a bit of Turkish Delight

Turkey is the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. Additionally, it has access to the Black Sea along its coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey offers many vacation options, and you can enjoy a Mediterranean holiday away from home.

The capital of Turkey is Istanbul. Previously called Constantinople, which was the “City of Constantine”, the city lies on the western coast of the peninsula. Turkey as a whole is deeply involved in its own history due to its location and past historical rulers. It was first under the control and rule of the Ancient Greeks in around 660BC. In 330AD (till 395), the Romans took it under their control as the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. Later, it served as the center of the Ottoman Empire until its name change in the 1920’s.

Turkey is a country that has a rich history. Turkey is still a popular choice for summer holidays in Europe and Mediterranean. The current economic climate makes some traditional European countries, which use the Euro currency, seem more expensive.

Turkey’s location means there is an abundance of culture and influences from many years of history. Combine this with Turkey’s diverse terrain and landscape to create a unique environment that offers something for everyone. You will find peace and solitude at the beaches in the less-visited areas and resorts.

If you enjoy the energy of cities and the buzz that comes with them, then this is the place for you. However, if your preference is for adventure, and you are looking to have a variety of activities such as climbing, biking, hiking, trekking, snorkelling, scuba diving and sea kayaking, then this is the place for you. Turkey offers many family-friendly activities and holiday options. These activities can be adapted to fit the needs of all ages. You can also enjoy a relaxing, more leisurely holiday with activities that are less strenuous. Enjoy a relaxing cruise down the coast in a glass-bottom boat and enjoy the stunning coastline.

Istanbul’s capital is a historic place with many pieces of architecture that reflect the past. The heart of Istanbul is alive with bustling activity. There are many restaurants, shops, and markets. The famous “The Grand Bazaar” market is the oldest. It has the feel of an old-fashioned bustling market, with lots of traders selling their wares to customers and haggling their prices. Turkey has so much to offer, no matter your travel goals or needs, that you’ll be sure to have a great holiday.

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