Hayal Kahvesi Cubuklu


Hayal Kahvesi, which has been directing the nightlife of Istanbul since 1992, brings live performances of various groups to the audience every day of the week with its thirteen branches all over Turkey. Keeping the pulse of rock music culture, Hayal Kahvesi has not only pioneered many new bands, but also brought bands and artists who are milestones of rock music in Turkey to its stage. In some of our branches, Hayal Kahvesi, which focuses only on live performance, offers music in the form of a bistro with the option of eating and drinking in some of its branches.

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Imagine meat-stuffed miniature raviolis! That’s what Mantı is– boiled or fried beef/lamb dumplings accompanied by a various range of spices. It is the Turkish version of Italian dishes that you will definitely find pleasing to your taste buds

If Italians have got meatballs, Turks have got kofte. The Turkish version of meatballs, köfte are balls or patties made of lightly cooked ground beef or lamb. It is often sold in wraps with salad and some pita bread. You can even have a Turkish vegetarian food made with chickpeas and vegetables.

Flat and crispy, Lahmacun is like a pizza served with a topping of minced meat, salad and lemon juice on bread and can be wrapped, folded in half, or pulled apart to eat. The Turkish counterpart of pizza is full of flavors.


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