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Turkish Recipes and Cuisine

Turkey is unique for its geographic location. It is situated at the crossroads Europe/Asia. Turkish cuisine blends European and Asian influences. It was not limited to Turkey.

But it would be mistaken to assume that Turkish food is identical across the country. Turkey is home for certain flavours and foods.

Marmara, a densely populated area, is where olive trees grow. This includes the Bosphorus Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara and surrounding areas.

Northern Turkey is known for its corn, anchovies, and other culinary delights. It is situated near the Black Sea Coast.

Central Anatolia has a reputation for delicious pastry dishes, such as gozleme (or keskek), and manti.

Southeastern Turkey has a reputation for mezes and ketos. It also produces sweets like baklava, kadayif, and baklava.

Here are some Turkish Classics:

Tarhana is dried food made from yogurt, cracked bread, vegetables and other fermented ingredients. Tarhana, due to its acidity & dryness, is well preserved.

– Domates – Tomato soup.

Iskembe curasi – Tripe soup (edible cattle stomaches). Sometimes served with lemon juice or vinegar.

Cacik, or the Turkish Tzatziki version, is yogurt with cucumbers mint and olive oils. It can be eaten cold either as a side-dish or as a main meal.

– Hummus is a dip made out of ground chickpeas. It also contains sesame oil (ground sesame) and lemon zest

Lahmacun (also known as Turkish pizz), is a round, flat, dough-like piece that’s been topped with ground beef, lamb or minced meat and then rolled up in tomatoes, peppers, tomatos, pickles or other vegetables.

Gozleme – A savory pastry made of thinly-rolled dough.

Borek (Dough filled with cheeses, meats and vegetables)

Manti- Turkish pasta made out of dough balls stuffed full of ground meat.

Keskek: A stew of meat and wheat mixed with barley.

Kuskus The Turkish Version Couscous

Dolma is a combination of minced meat, onions rice, spices, and other spices.

Imambayildi – Stuffed eggs, seasoned with garlic, onion, tomatoes, and other seasonings, then simmered and served cold.

Karniyarik – Very similar to Imam bayildi. It also contains ground (minced), which is hot to eat.

Patlican Salatasi, literally translated from Turkish “eggplant Salad”, is one of many variations on this dish. The eggplant (or aubergine, can be baked or broiled (grilled), then it can be sliced on an open flame. Once the eggplant has been smoked it is mixed with yogurt, or olive oil. It is then served at roomtemperature with lemon juice or olive oils.

Patlican Begendi is a hot eggplant (aubergine), which also contains meats cheese milk and flour.

– Menemen – Eggs containing green onions, tomatoes, and green peppers

Adanakebap: A long-grilled kebab made of minced lamb. It originated in Adana.

Doner kebap can literally be translated from Turkish. It literally translates to “turning roast”. They created new versions of the dish with sauce and salad to broaden the appeal. Doner kebap can be found all over the globe as a fast-food favorite.

Bursakebab, Iskender Iskenderoglu invents this dish. This dish is a version doner Kebap. It consists of grilled lamb strips that are marinated in tomato sauce. Then, they are layered on pide bread before being covered with yogurt.

Shish is grilled lamb or chicken with a sauce. It is very popular. Lamb is from milk fed lambs.

– Arnavut cigeri – Fried liver.

– Kofte – Meatballs made with ground meat (minced), along with bread and egg.

Mahmudiye Chicken with Almonds. Apricots. Black Pepper. Currants. and Honey

Sujuk — Sujuk is a minced meat sausage that has been left to dry for several weeks.

Baklava: Baklava, a sweet pastry dessert made from phyllo dough. It can be stuffed with chopped nuts and pistachios. Then sweetened with syrups or honey.

Kadaif: A dessert made with phyllo or shred pastry.

Helva: A sweet made with semolina and flour or tahini.

Lokum – Turkish delight

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