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Turkish Cuisine: 5 Mouthwatering Specialties In Turke

Turkey offers many wonderful cuisines. All of them are unique and special, regardless of where they are prepared. They are both simple and high-quality.

These are five dishes you shouldn’t miss:


This is only one of many types of Turkish kebabs.


This delicious dish is loved by both locals and tourists.


Tradition says that a Turkish woman should not marry until she can make borek. Yufka is a papery, thin pastry that can be rolled into layers or stacked with different fillings. These can be made with cheese, potatoes or meat.


Kofte, or meatballs, can come in many sizes and shapes depending on where they were made.


Turkish dessert made with kadaif. The cheese is placed between two thin layers of kadaif. After the cheese is cooked, you’ll use a small copper pan to cook the pastry.

Turkey offers many delicious Turkish dishes that you will enjoy a memorable culinary experience.

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