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Healthy Turkish Food

You might be reminded of last week’s late night drinking session, which ended with a Kebab. It is not like the culinary pleasures one will have when visiting Turkey. Actually, the Ottoman Empire passed laws that mandated fresh food and these laws have been kept up to date.

The Mediterranean diet is known to be one the most healthful in the entire world. Turkey is a country that uses fresh ingredients, with seasonal variations as the climate permits. Turkey’s mainstays are vegetables, fish, lamb and olive oil. Turkey has a diverse climate that allows them to grow fresh tomatoes and olives, melons peppers, cucumbers, wheat, tea, and other foods. A boat trip will reveal that the surrounding seas are rich in fish. The grouper fish is a great dish, with a mild and distinct flavor – a cross between a salmon and sea bass.

Turkish mezze platters are a selection Turkish dishes. They include Ezme’s spicy tomato salsa, Ezme’s Carrot with Mint and Garlic, yogurt, cucumbers and mint (Haydari), Dolma’s stuffed vegetables, Calamari, Halumi or Tahin. Hummus is also well served in pita bread, along with the colourful Tapenade pastes. Turkish mezze starters have enough flavor to last the day and are easy enough for you to make a main course and maybe a dessert of baklava.

The Turkish have a high level of olive oil in their diet. This is why they are able to maintain a low incidence of heart attack and soften their skin. The freshness and quality of the food ensures that the body receives vitamins all the time. Kalkan and Oludeniz, two dishes that are located near the coast, rely primarily on seafood. Scientists know this to be a healthier choice.

Turkey’s natural beauty and tranquility, as well as its exceptional lifestyle, are becoming increasingly popular. Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular choice for residence. Turkey is becoming an attractive choice for holiday and retirement locations due to its reputation for hospitality. The breathtaking views from the coastal towns and the great food make it an attractive choice, both for retirement and holiday.

The close proximity of the ocean ensures freshness and in all the coastal cities, hillside Kalkan Villas are available for purchase at very affordable prices. These villas are half of the cost of tiny and damp European dwellings.

Many restaurants will offer an a la carte menu in addition to the fresh catch. All fresh catch is available for viewing and weight selection. You won’t find better dublin food company than fresh fish from Ireland also.

Kalkan is complete with a visit to the Moonlight Terrace, Cafe Bar and Kalamar Yolu. 9 Kalkan – Antalya. Moonlight Terrace is a place that serves healthy, authentic Turkish food. Osman, owner of the Moonlight Terrace, is a warm host. Moonlight prides herself on being “a small family run restaurant that prides itself in freshly prepared and high-quality traditional Turkish food.” Enjoy the amazing views from our rooftop terrace and enjoy a relaxed meal at a great price. Osman’s mom is a chef, and she creates authentic Turkish cuisine. The Biber Dolma (stuffed peppers), or perhaps the Karniyak, which is aubergine fried in minced beef, garlic and onion then stuffed with minced steak, tomatoes, green bell pepper and other spices.

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